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SenbridGe Next was honoured to host Lois Cormack as its second CEO guest for its Breakfast with the Boss event on February 4, 2020. Following a period of networking and snacking, guests took their seats and had the opportunity to ask questions of Lois, the current President and CEO of Sienna Senior Living.

Lois’s passion for the senior living industry dates back to her teenage years, when she walked into the local seniors’ home, applied for a job, and was hired on the spot to begin her work that day. The owner of the home became an important mentor for Lois, who was inspired to direct her career path towards one day operating senior living spaces herself. Though her choice of industry was clear, Lois’s story includes all of the ups and downs that professionals everywhere have been through. She admits her time in nursing school may have been better spent studying business, but understands that each experience in one’s career is valuable in its own right.

As for her main focus for Sienna this coming year, Lois emphasized the importance of hiring and retaining top talent as well as ensuring the company performs properly on the balance sheet. Further, in a market where senior living still has stigma, it is crucial for Sienna to stand out as the very best option for seniors so as to be chosen over its competitors.

Lois is an inspiration both professionally and personally. She recently trained for and completed a bike ride where participants rode 100 miles each day. Lois remarked that the experience taught her that people are much more capable than they give ourselves credit for, and so long as our mind is focused and dedicated, we can achieve anything.



Lois was very engaging! She leads with an authenticity that shines through as she describes her role and Sienna's mission.

Interesting story about walking into local seniors home and getting the job on the spot, eventually leading to the owner becoming a crucial mentor for her. Mentors are everywhere!

Loved the story of training for the bike ride. It was inspiring to see how determined she is in all areas of her life.

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