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Seniors Housing Industry Overview | By Cushman & Wakefield

Learn more about the seniors housing industry with this report by Cushman & Wakefield from February 2020, which includes:

  • Supply of Seniors Housing Properties in Canada

  • Canadian Historical Operating Statistics

  • Aging Population Impacting Demand

  • Annual Investment Trends

  • Q4 2019 Cap Rates

"According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the average healthcare spending on those age 80 and older is more than seven times the amount spent for someone between the ages of 1 and 64. Governments continue to grapple with growing demands for spending at a time when the overall labour force participation rate (and by extension, individuals paying income tax) is expected to decrease due to the aging population. The private sector will be increasingly called upon to come up

with innovative solutions to provide housing and services for the growing segment of the population aged 75-plus. The seniors housing & care property market is a direct beneficiary of these trends."

Read the full report here.

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